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Weekly Sat Clean Up - 27th May '23

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Over 25 volunteers turned out last Saturday to tend the area around the Open Orchard on Auburn Avenue. Amazing work was done - weeding, edging and mulching all of the tree whips with leaf mold (saved and broken down since last year). As well as feeding the trees this leaf mold will help retain moisture too, particularly important during this long dry spell. Lorcan and James were mowing an edge in to the grass at the wild meadow areas. The long grass was falling out on to the paths in certain spots. Other volunteers planted wild flower seedlings.

There was great home baking was on offer back at Myo's afterwards. Thanks to Anne O' C. for the tray of lemon drizzle cake, which was an extra bonus. Thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their Saturday morning to play for Team CTT. Somehow we forgot to take many photos. We'll do better this coming Saturday.

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