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Saturday Clean Up 21 Sept 2019

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Our ground crew was back in action and worked on the Castleknock Road, from the Park Drive roundabout to the entrance at Laurel Lodge. 8 one-ton bags and 8 bags of rubbish later, we had removed the overgrown verges along with one hub cap, 3 pints of larger and a packet of crisps, 124 sweet wrappers, 57 cigarette butts, 1 whiskey bottle, seven coffee cup lids, 3 chip bags and 4 little bags full of dog poo. Thanks to everyone who (wore gloves and) came out to help!

We spotted what we thought was Japanese knotweed at the bridge over the M50 on the Castleknock Road. We didn't touch it as we could spread this seriously invasive species. We reported it to Fingal County Council who confirmed it was, in fact, dogwood. But better be safe than sorry. So, if you spot Japanese Knotwood anywhere in Castleknock, including in your own garden, please report it (along with a photo of it) to Fingal by emailing

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