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Little Village Magazine - Nov/Dec '23

Updated: Apr 2

Castleknock Community Cycle is one year old! And almost 3,000 members now joined up to avoid sending items to landfill. Castleknock CommunityCycle is a CTT initiative and Facebook page where you can 'Recycle your local unwanted stuff here, by giving it away for free!' Check it out if you're not already a member.

If you already have a Facebook account: simply log into Facebook and then search for Castleknock CommunityCycle. Request to join the page. Your request will be activated by a volunteer admin within 48 hours if possible and then you will be free to list any unwanted items you are prepared to give away for free. Or choose to accept items being given away by others, for free. Join on: Castleknock CommunityCycle Facebook Members Page and enjoy happy sharing.

If you don't already have a Facebook account: you can consider registering for one so you can join the Castleknock CommunityCycle page and begin to list your unwanted items/choose to accept preloved items.

Help make Castleknock a more sustainable corner of this beautiful world!

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