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May Day, May Day

'Live long and prosper' is a famous line from Star Trek. At CTT, we like to say 'Live long and well'! As everyone ages, our health and mobility are key. Two things came on our radar this week.

  1. Menopause advice - An open discussion will take place tomorrow with dietician Eileen Harling, of Castleknock' Educo Gym on Facebook dealing with issues around menopause. The discussion will be available to view on Facebook afterwards in your own time, if you wish.

2. Bowel Screen - one of our own CTT volunteers was diagnosed this time last year through the free Bowel Screening kit that pops through the door when you turn 60. Entirely NO symptoms. Thankfully, an issue was picked up early and he is now back to full health. So, if you are 60 or over, and have not received one of these kits, (or you received one and shoved it in a drawer) get a kit, use it and post it off. You can contact the HSE Bowel Screen Freephone on 1800 45 45 55

If you are under 60 and worrying about anything, simply talk to your G.P.

Hopefully, this post might help someone out there in distress today.

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