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Removal of Redundant Utility Boxes

For over four years now CTT has been requesting (and lobbying persistently) for Eir to remove six of their decommissioned, redundant, neglected and abandoned cabinets from footpath locations around Castleknock village. Some of these cabinets are a safety hazard to pedestrians due to their rust and dilapidated condition. As no action was forthcoming, CTT finally escalated the issue within Eir and sought the assistance of FCC management. Recently this resulted in the cabinet on College Road being removed and we are delighted to see workmen removed the cabinet from near the roundabout on Castleknock Road and Hawthorn Lawn this week.

Hopefully, the removal of the remaining four cabinets will happen soon.

And another one bites the dust... This decommissioned cabinet which had a swinging, rusty door was located on Auburn Avenue, just before the corner leading in to The Pines. Now GONE! All credit is due to CTT's committee member Declan Mescall for his dogged determination to get these redundant cabinets removed. Good job!

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