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Benefits of polytunnels

Updated: May 6

Polytunnels are indeed an excellent choice for growing crops for several reasons:

  • Weather Protection: Come rain or shine, polytunnels have your crops covered, shielding them from hail, heavy rain, and fierce winds.

  • Water Conservation: Polytunnels help conserve water by reducing evaporation and runoff. The cover material of the tunnel retains moisture in the soil, allowing plants to absorb water more efficiently.

  • Soil protection : Polytunnels help protect the soil from erosion caused by wind and rain, as well as from compaction due to foot traffic.

  • Plants thrive earlier: They offer protection from extreme weather conditions such as frost, wind, and heavy rain, allowing plants to thrive and produce high yields.

  • Crop consistency: The controlled environment of polytunnels promotes uniform growth and development of plants, resulting in higher-quality produce. 

  • Increases biodiversity: Polytunnels can contribute to boosting biodiversity by providing a sheltered habitat for beneficial insects such as pollinators and natural predators of pests.

We're gearing up to launch our polytunnel project, and we need YOUR support to make it happen!

Whether you donate or share our fundraiser, every bit counts. Check out the link below.

Let's make this polytunnel dream a reality together!

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