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Updated: Apr 15

After a long quest for a location, Castleknock Lawn Tennis Club has very kindly agreed to allow us to locate a poly tunnel within their grounds. We are VERY excited to get going on this project but we need your help.

Based on preliminary quotes, the project will cost in the region of €7,500. Fingal County Council have agreed to provide some funding but we are still short of money for the poly tunnel and ancillaries such as the internal shelving, seed trays, water storage containers and a shed to locate our tools and equipment.

This greenhouse will be used to propagate pollinator-friendly annual and perennial plants from seeds and cuttings. The ground around the poly tunnel will also be used to grow immature trees in pots, prior to planting them out in Castleknock in a few years.

This poly tunnel will be a sustainability and environmental win for our area. CTT is committed to being a self-sustaining entity and this poly tunnel will be a significant step along that journey.

We are keen to get the project started as soon as possible. Our volunteers will be preparing the ground and getting the base ready very soon.

All funds raised in this campaign will go towards the poly tunnel project costs or will be used on further CTT environmental projects within Castleknock. CTT's Accounts are independently reviewed annually.

Please be part of a sustainable, environmentally-focused Castleknock and contribute with your donation!

We would really appreciate your help.

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