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Master Composter Visits Castleknock

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

On Friday 20th Oct 2023 Craig Benton, an experienced master composter, visited Castleknock to provide advice and support on how CTT can best turn its fallen leaves (valuable assets) into rich compost in a two-year cycle. Craig brought supplies (wire, cable ties, signs) to enable Castleknock to facilitate the following:

*best construction of leaf cages/bays

*best cage placement

*appropriate signage

A team of CTT volunteers met Craig on Auburn Avenue and got busy making the cages and harvesting some fallen leaves. Auburn Avenue and many of Castleknock's estates are rich sources of leaves and it is great to become more sustainable by using the leaves to make nutrient rich compost. Being a very wet day meant that no additional wetting of the leaves collected was necessary! Leaves rot down best in leaf cages/bays when they are kept damp/wet. CTT have made some leaf bays previously but with mixed success.

Craig also brought along some samples of the end result (which he had made earlier) to demonstrate what is possible after year 1 and year 2. The fine rich compost was odour free, dark and seriously impressive. He also gifted Castleknock a big pitchfork for turning the compost and a watering can. So, we're all set now with advice and supplies.

8 leaf cages were constructed and placed on Auburn Avenue. Further cages will be placed around Castleknock in coming days/weeks.

The initiative is being funded and supported by Fingal County Council. If you are interested in leaf cages for your estate or garden, check out the FCC Leaf Mould Checklist. Or get in touch with CTT and we'll be glad to advise you.

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