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Balancing Beautiful Baskets

Thanks to recent funding from Fingal County Council, CTT purchased additional Alleco hanging baskets (to match the ones placed at Myo's) to balance up the colour in the village this summer. 8 flower-filled, '7-day' baskets with inbuilt reservoirs, were entrusted to Michael McKeon, Exchange House. Michael very kindly agreed to connect the watering system supplied by CTT, to his water supply. This means that the baskets are on a timed watering routine, just once a week. Four baskets are hung facing the street and four are visible to the side of this lovely building.

Give the plants a week or two to fill out and then this side of the street will feel just as nice as Myo's does on these sunny afternoons. Special thanks go to Fiona for applying for the funding and arranging the purchase of the baskets and flowers. Well done to all the volunteers involved in the planting of this colourful project. Hopefully the TidyTowns adjudicator, who will be visiting Castleknock sometime in June, will be impressed by these floral additions to Castleknock's streetscape.

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