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Balancing baskets - 25 new baskets

Hurrah! Finally CTT has just pulled off a balancing act!

Previously all the public floral displays in Castleknock were on Myo's side of the street. And Myo's always made a special effort with their baskets and upright planters. To counterbalance this difference, a further 25 filled hanging baskets have now been added to the opposite side. CTT secured funding from Fingal County Council and got the baskets planted up and ready. Local businesses agreed to hang the baskets where they could operate on automated watering systems and add colour to the streetscape. The last of these baskets was installed on the front of the Ashleigh Retail Centre today. When these pollinator-friendly plants fill out, along with the plants in the three additional 3-tier planters added recently, the village will feel more balanced from a floral point of view. Thanks to the owners of the buildings/businesses involved.

Thanks go to Paul Sullivan, Castleknock Dental Practice, who sponsored a further 3-tier planter inside the railings at his premises. CTT were delighted to secure the planter, get it planted up and placed in situ. It all helps to make Castleknock feel that bit more special.

Special thanks to CTT's Fiona who led the charge on this project and to all the volunteers who gave their support. Well done!

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