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Castleknock is a Poster-Free Zone (PFZ)

Updated: May 13

Following the success of the Castleknock village Poster-Free Zone PFZ) initiative in the March referendums, Castleknock TidyTowns has been asking all candidates in the local and European elections for their support for the upcoming elections on 7th June. We were delighted to receive full support of the PFZ initiative during the 8th March referendums and hope all candidates will continue with their generous cooperation for the June elections.

The elections will be held during the time Castleknock is likely to be visited by the National TidyTowns Competition adjudicators so it is especially important our historic heritage village looks its best and no posters or cable ties spoil its appearance.

The voluntary ban on posters will be confined to a short stretch through the village and will apply to the Castleknock Road from the pedestrian walkway for Dunsandle Court to the Park Drive roundabout plus limited sections of the approach roads of Auburn Avenue, College Road and Beechpark Avenue. A detailed map of the zone, which is unchanged since the referendums, is available and has been sent to all candidates.

We are taking this initiative for a number of reasons including;

• To address climate change and sustainability.

• To prevent littering and obstruction of public infrastructure.

• The safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

Candidates will of course be able to display their posters on all approaches to Castleknock outside of the PFZ and it would be impossible to get to the village without passing these locations so there will be plenty of opportunities for politicians to get their message across to constituents. 

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