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Some more INCREDIBLE statistics (as of 18/8/19):

This week our volunteers worked 60 hours cleaning and tidying in Castleknock. On top of that (all combined) our volunteers gave another 20 hours, off their own bat, tending the village. That is equivalent to TWO full-time people working to improve Castleknock this week. And their commitment is infectious.

In all, since we began cleaning, tidying and planting up the village at the end of April, our ground crew of volunteers have given over 1,000 HOURS. And that’s not counting the 100s of hours which the committee have given behind the scenes in meetings, writing letters /emails / texts, on the phone, lobbying and generally pushing forward for a better, cleaner village for everyone.

Thanks a million folks! The momentum is building…who knows what we can achieve together.

Thank You all!

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