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N4/M50 Tunnel Transformation '22

Castleknock TidyTowns volunteers recently learnt new skills to transform the pedestrian walkway that links Castleknock to Blanchardstown over the M50. The project was part-funded through the ALAG grant scheme at Fingal County Council. The Rediscovery Centre provided recycled white exterior paint and local businessman Ian O'Halloran donated another 100 litres of grey exterior paint.

Henshaws Cleaning Services power washed the entire structure before the painting began (on a pro bono basis). Brenna Crushell, local artist, once more gave her services free of charge and designed an appealing colour scheme to make the tunnel feel brighter and more inviting. The project took one month to complete and consisted of various teams of volunteers working on two days each week. Almost 30 volunteers took part. The swooping swifts (which Brenna and her daughter Amy Crushell painted for us) are a celebration of local biodiversity and our much-loved swift colony who return to Castleknock each year to nest and raise their young.

Special thanks go to Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) who responded to our request to replace the light fixture glass covers which had been damaged over time and to replace the yellow bulbs with new white LEDs to improve sustainability. Thanks to all those who supported and helped with this exciting project!

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