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Monthly Clean Up - 7th October '23

So, our Autumn/Winter schedule began with the October Monthly Clean Up on Auburn Avenue on Saturday. A great group of volunteers showed up and enjoyed a lovely Autumnal morning in copious amount of crisp fallen leaves and rich loam! PJ used his 'grape stomping' skills to ensure the bags were filled to capacity with leaves.

7 tonne bags were filled in all but only 3 will need to be collected and removed by FCC (as they contained heavy branches, ivy, bind weed, perennial weeds etc. which cannot be composted by CTT locally). The remaining 4 bags (one of loam sods and two filled with fallen leaves) will be brought by volunteers to the closest composting and leaf bays on Church Green and converted into nutrient-rich compost for the flower beds.

Well done and thanks go to everyone who took part!

The following two monthly Clean Up dates will take us up to the year end:

  • Sat 4th November

  • Sat 2nd December

Pop them in your diary if you'd like to take part!

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