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Castleknock's Third Open Orchard

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

We are delighted to report that CTT has delivered a third Open Orchard for Castleknock this week, which is Ireland's National Tree Week. The trees have been planted on Castleknock Road, opposite the entrance to the Ashleigh development.

Ashleigh Open Orchard is planted in three triangles, with a plum, pear and crab apple tree in each triangle. See the little map showing the three trios of planted trees below. These are established, 5 to 7 year old trees which should produce blossoms in May/June and fruit this Autumn. Yummy! As well as looking great, the crab apple trees will prove very good for cross-pollination of other plants and trees in the immediate vicinity as well.

Castleknock Tidy Towns funded and purchased these trees. The Fingal County Council (FCC) team surveyed the site, dug the holes and assisted volunteers with the planting. And FCC will stake the trees shortly.

It was way back in June 2019 when CTT first took an interest in working on this stretch of green along Castleknock Road, opposite the Ashleigh development. See the photo dated 2019 below. With the assistance of FCC, today this prominent location has been transformed. Together CTT and FCC have been making a positive difference to Castleknock.

Imagine how lovely this area will look in May/June...

2019 - Castleknock has come a long way since then.

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