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Calling Castleknock Amateur Photographers

Castleknock Tidy Towns Calendar 2023 Following the success of our CTT Calendar 2022, we are preparing the 2023 version and would like to let you know how you can play a part, if you wish. We're inviting you to submit a high quality photo/photos taken in and around Castleknock for possible inclusion in the coming year's calendar. We will need 13 nice colour photographs (12 months and 1 cover picture) of Castleknock and its surrounding area. No payment will be made for chosen photographs but credit will be given to the photographer for each image used in the calendar. Photographs must be:

  • Landscape in layout and in colour.

  • High resolution - minimum 8 mp. A DSLR / Mirrorless camera is possibly best to use as few phone cameras can provide a high enough resolution. Chosen photographs will be expanded to A4 size which causes low resolution photos to 'grain' and therefore become unusable.

  • Identifiable as having been shot in Castleknock or the surrounding area (eg. Phoenix Park, Farmleigh, Royal Canal etc). Photographs containing trees, flowers or wildlife are acceptable but it must be obvious from the background that it is a photo was taken in the general Castleknock area.

  • Submitted as an attachment to by Friday 9th September at the latest. Please put Calendar 2023 in the subject line.

Note: Photos which include people must have been taken in a public place.

The Steering Committee (along with other photography judges) will select the most suitable photographs by the end of September and will inform you of the outcome.

Get busy snapping and wishing you the very best of luck!

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