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Before and Afters - Voids repaired

Following CTT's lobbying, Eir removed some redundant and rusting utility cabinets in castleknock which left a number of voids and areas which looked less than loved. After lobbying and a recent consultation/walkabout with Fingal County Council, the Operations team have carried out a particularly fine job for CTT.

  • Firstly, they have repaired and bricked up the space in the wall at Auburn Avenue / at the first Castleknock Park entrance.

  • Secondly, FCC also painted the wall on Auburn Avenue / at the junction with The Pines where the Eir cabinet was removed.

  • Thirdly, they plastered and bricked the wall at the Park Drive / Hawthorn Lawn roundabout.

  • Finally, FCC relocated the Big Belly bin at the church wall outside St Brigid's Church to an adjacent spot that leaves the void in the wall, ready to receive a new Irish limestone engraved Castleknock art piece (commissioned by CTT), due to be installed in the near future. The stone is on order. This will no doubt greatly enhance this prominent village centre area.

All of these improvements will ensure that the neighbourhood is looking good for the arrival of the TidyTowns adjudicator in the very near future.

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