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Wonderful, worthwhile Wednesdays

As well as Saturday Clean Ups, CTT hold weekly Wednesday Tidy Ups during the summer months. Whoever is around and feeling energetic can meet at Myo's Car Park at 7.30pm when the crew heads to an area needing attention till 9pm. It's usually a much smaller number of volunteers than the team we have on Saturday mornings. Sometimes it's 'three's a charm' but it can be a 'magnificent seven' or even oceans, eleven (but that's not very often). But few can achieve much. For example, recently a small team of three cut the noxious weeds from Church Green. In early July seven volunteers tended the rose bed opposite Castello Bruno. Or on Wed this week a small but effective crew tackled the weeds in the cobble lock at the corner of Castleknock Road and College Road. Regular small efforts add up to significant results. Well done and thanks to all those who continue to help!

If you are interested in the work CTT does, please let us know. We'd love for more people to come out and help. If you love gardening, we've a job for you. If you hate gardening, we have a job for you. CTT is fun, it's free and there's no commitment on anyone to turn up each week. It's a 'come when you can' enjoyable experience.

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