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Weekly Saturday Clean Up - 29th Jul '23

Another fine turnout of CTT volunteers joined the work on a windy but dry Saturday. The location continued on from Wed at the corner of College Road, along Castleknock Road right down to the junction with Beechpark Avenue.

Particular attention was paid to our village centre, i.e. the cobble lock area opposite Myo's and outside the beautiful, imposing St Brigid's Church. Even the two benches got a good scrub (a family affair!). The three 3-tier planters got a quick check over/gentle weeding and are looking fabulous. Further along, hedges were trimmed and the flower bed in front of Wendover got a quick weeding too. The 'woodland glade' walkway (shortcut) at the corner of Beechpark Avenue was cleared back to allow greater access. Earlier this year, following a CTT request, FCC provided bark chippings which was spread there by CTT. This keeps the path clean in heavy rain. Thanks to everyone who took part. Welcome to all of our recent volunteers, especially those who have just joined this week. The more the merrier!

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