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Weekly Sat Clean Up - 6th May '23

Another fine turnout of over 20 volunteers who worked hard last Saturday at the end of Auburn Avenue/Old Navan Road. While the grass and verges were trimmed back, the grassed area was left long and is being 'managed for wildlife' as per previous years. We are practicing a late mow or a no mow policy depending on the specific area. This means that dandelions provide early food for pollinators. Then the native wild flowers which grow among the long grasses provide a rich source of food for bees all summer long. The CTT volunteers were joined by members of the local residents' associations who put in overtime weeding and edging the area closest to St Brigid's GAA. Well done folks and thanks to everyone who turned up to help.

Also this week volunteers cleared weeds from pavements in the very heart of the village. They spread bark and mulch around the pollinator beds at the Castleknock Gate to the Phoenix Park. That area looks terrific now so well done. And our regular litter patrollers were out in force.

And thanks to Fingal County Council who responded promptly to our request to fix a loose bollard which was hit by a car and lifting the cobble lock. A trip hazard removed.

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