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Weekly Sat Clean Up - 22nd Jul '23

After the recent spell of persistent rain which cancelled the Clean Up on Sat 15th Jul, it was a happy bunch of over 20 CTT volunteers who set off for Auburn Avenue on the 22nd. High winds had been whipping around and there was serious work to be done as a result. Leaves had to be swept up and litter was collected along both sides of the Avenue. Plenty of twigs along with a few heavy boughs of trees had blown down and some were out on the cycle lane. These were collected up. The bases of the trees along a further stretch were dressed and tidied up.

One volunteer weeded the planted pollinator beds next to the utility boxes. These CTT upgrades have made a huge difference as these locations were previously neglected scrub ground which attracted litter. So, thanks must go to Judie (and Leisha) who identified these areas as problematic and using donated plants (and lots of hard work) transformed these spots. Well done to the many CTT volunteers who similarly continue to manage the planted areas at the pedestrian barriers and look after the new trees on Church Green and elsewhere. Thanks to everyone who helped out last Saturday. And thanks to Myo's for welcoming us back at noon, out of the drizzle! And Judie for her delicious baking. A very joyful Clean Up!

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