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Timely titivations

Nice to think that various parts of the community have all been affected by CTT volunteer requests and actions. These changes come just in time for people to really enjoy them over the Christmas / festive season.

  • Our Lady Mother of the Church - the two tall pots and eight concrete planters outside the entrance got a makeover this week from Castleknock Tidy Towns. New plants were purchased and the pots were refreshed. Topiary buxus were added to the two tall pots and underplanted with cyclamens. Little lights were added to complete the effect. Well done to the volunteers who organised and carried out the work.

  • LIDL plaza - great to see that LIDL continue to engage a contractor to power wash cleaning of their stone benches and plaza. Thanks for listening to our request.

  • The Christmas lights installed between Flynn Estate Agents and Castello Bruno, were switched on this week. Well done to FCC for reacting so positively to CTT's request.

  • Little button plants were popped in along some verges on Castleknock Road to give a touch of colour during these dark days.

  • And even more bulb planting took place too.

When all these small improvements are added together, it makes a real difference.

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