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Plant UP Day - Sat 18th May '24

An unbelievable crew were out in force to plant up the hundred and hundreds of plants ordered to fill the planters and hanging baskets for Summer 2024. Thanks Fingal County Council for the grant to cover some of this cost.

Teams of volunteers worked in an orderly assembly line, using tables in Myo's car park. First, a mix of soil and compost was used to fill the baskets, then a carefully selected mix of plants (for colour and pollinators) were potted up. Then we gave the baskets a first watering. As these 7-day reservoir baskets were ready, they were taken across the street to be hung on the brackets at Ashleigh Retail Centre. The baskets are connected by drip system into the water supply of the buildings and are watered once or twice a week and then retain the water under the plants.

Some of the 3-tier planters were also planted up and we are awaiting a further delivery of plants to complete the rest of the village floral displays. Welcome to our newest volunteers who rowed in and quickly became part of the team. Delighted to have you all on board. Thanks Myo's for your kind donation towards the cost of the plants. As always, you guys are great friends of CTT.

The plants will become well established and will fill out in the coming days/weeks and trail over the baskets. Lovely to think we'll be blooming in Castleknock this year, specially in time for Bloom in the Phoenix Park (which takes place Thurs May 30th to Mon June 3rd).

Well done and sincerest thanks to the entire CTT Team. Bloomin' marvellous!

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