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Keen gardeners - take note

Rose bed on College Road replanted by Fingal Co Co:

Despite our volunteers’ best efforts to tend and nurture the roses on College Road, the central section of yellow roses (in the flowerbed under the trees) looked thin and sickly. Following our requests for a solution, Fingal Co Co has come to the rescue and replanted the bed with pollinator-friendly perennials.

Our volunteers, with a few hints from the FCC gardener, managed to name 20 of the plants going in. For the keen gardeners out there, the bed now includes:

  • Epimedium

  • Achillea

  • Curry plant

  • Hypericum

  • Broom

  • Berberis

  • Heuchera

  • Pulmonaria

  • Alchemilla

  • Fern

  • Astilbe

  • Weigela

  • Penstemon

  • Anemone

  • Dierama

  • Mint

  • Elephants ear

  • Aucuba

  • Salvia

  • Osteospermum

And that doesn't include the herbaceous plants yet to go in! Bulbs planted are Scilla Siberica, Tulipa stresa, Crocus vernus mix, Narcissus tete a tete, Chionodoxa, Ranunculus asiastitus mix/pink, Narcissus replete, Tulip multiflower mix and Narcissus paperwhite grandiflora.

BIG thanks to Fingal Co Co - what a display it will make in spring/summer and in the years to come as the bed gets established.

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