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Castleknock FreeCycle on Facebook

In line with CTT's aim to foster and promote environmental projects, we are delighted to launch the Castleknock FreeCycle Facebook page.

The Castleknock FreeCycle Facebook page has been designed to facilitate:

  • recycling of all kinds of Unwanted Stuff here, by giving it away for free. (For example, unwanted gifts, unused toys, bikes or jewellery etc.)

  • passing on preloved items within our local community (for personal use only).

  • reducing our carbon footprint. But NO selling, swapping, advertising or promoting is permitted.

  • cutting down on buying more and more and

  • sharing with our local community and protecting our precious planet

You can pass on unwanted stuff or receive some unwanted stuff, for free. Share the Castleknock FreeCycle Page with your local friends and let us all together support a community of sharing, reducing and recycling.

If you already have a Facebook account: simply log in to Facebook and then search for Castleknock FreeCycle or click on the link below:

Then request to join the page. Your request will be activated by a volunteer admin within 48 hours if possible and then you will be free to list any unwanted items you are prepared to give away for free. Or choose to accept items being given away by others, for free.

If you don't already have a Facebook account: you can consider registering for one so you can join the Castleknock FreeCycle page and begin to list your unwanted items/choose to accept preloved items.

Help make Castleknock a more sustainable corner of this beautiful country and world!

Please share the link to the Castleknock FreeCycle page and invite friends, family and neighbours to join, to pass on unwanted stuff or to select unwanted stuff which they wish to accept for free.

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