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1,000+ Tree planting project update

Lovely to see our tree planting efforts doing so well.

The two open orchards are very popular with the local community. Little apple buds are developing nicely so it looks like we will get to harvest some apples this year. Only one mature apple tree has failed to bud in the second open orchard, planted just off Auburn Avenue. This tree will be replaced during the next planting season in early Spring.

The majority of bare root trees (whips) which we set earlier this year are taking off around the village. Recently we began to weed these whips. This means to gently remove grass or weeds from the base of each tree without disturbing the roots. We donated over 700 whips to the local community through the local schools, residents' associations and at our plant fair. So, if you were the recipient of one of these bare root trees and planted it in your garden, you could do this too. If you have any broken-down leaf mold or a little compost you could add a layer of that to suppress further weeds, keep the soil healthy and increase moisture levels. And remember to water your little tree regularly in dry weather until it is well established.

The lime trees along Auburn Avenue are also getting attention with their bases being weeded and dressed. It's slow work but two particularly dedicated volunteers are making good progress and the Avenue looks all the better for it.

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