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Noticed around the village on Thursday

Seen/heard/spied in local businesses:

  • Choice Boutique have a fashion show on tomorrow - Saturday 14th Oct

  • So Belle plan to 'specialise in results-driven facials from November'

  • Castleknock Shoemaker cuts keys and sells padlocks - and gives little treats to your dog!

Admired/glad to see/enjoyed:

  • The pretty archway at the rose bed on Castleknock Road with autumn leaves on the steps

  • New tarmac and markings at the top of Auburn Avenue

  • A red leaf amongst the brown, yellow and gold

Found/found/spotted in the grass:

  • A little child's white coat (name on tag Alessi)

  • Pre-loved little cuddly toy tiger

  • Mosaic puffball mushroom

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