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FCC/CTT Leaf Mould Project '23

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

On Wed 11th Oct, a merry little band (mostly small in stature but high on life!) hauled '3 bags full' of leaves and grass cuttings across to the composting bays and leaf cages on Church Green. The bags had been filled by CTT volunteers during the October monthly Clean Up on Saturday 7th. On this very wet morning, using a wooden trolley (dolly) certainly helped to move the bags.

CTT has signed up to take part in the FCC Leaf Mould Project October/November 2023. The project is funded by FCC and project managed by Benton Ecological Solutions & Technology. Craig Benton will visit Castleknock later this month and advise CTT on the best locations/techniques etc. for further leaf bays.

Auburn Avenue in particular is leaf rich and ideal for good leaf mould and composting. Having lots of leaf bays/cages makes the harvesting of fallen leaves much more manageable. Paths without wet fallen leaves are much safer too. Should be a very rewarding endeavour!

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