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CTT Conscious Cup Campaign

Recently, CTT embraced the Conscious Cup Campaign which highlights the fact that disposable cups (despite our assumptions that these can be composted) are typically going to landfill or incineration. To protect the planet, each one of us could choose instead to buy a reusable /travel cup and use that as often as we can when we pick up a coffee on the go.

So, CTT volunteers printed and laminated posters and called on all the village cafés and retail outlets which sell coffees/drinks in takeaway cups. We discovered that some cafés in Castleknock such as Silver Spoon already encourages customers to use reusable cups (and they even offer a discount). So, well done! Likewise, Insomnia at Spar do the same. See Rachel and Margaret receiving our posters and they now have them posted in the window outside and inside too.

So, if you see these posters displayed, embrace a simple eco-friendly change and bring your own reusable cup!

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