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And then things got better...

A culmination of work paid off!

  • Volunteers came out on Saturdays (and Wed evenings) to pick up litter, weed, cut verges, set seeds, plant flowers and generally tend to the village.

  • Volunteers painted the bollards and lamp posts

  • Reported all our many issues with lighting, roads, signage, etc. etc. to the council using the website

  • Partnered with Fingal County Council to fund various biodiversity and conservation projects, to do more planting

  • Lobbied businesses for their help too

  • Wrote letters and got the wider community involved

  • Partnered with residents' associations and supported them to help as well.

  • And lots more....

The good stuff has become contagious and people really seem to be making an effort to keep Castleknock looking well. Thanks to everyone concerned!

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